Gypsum based self-levelling floor screed which eliminates defects and roughnesses on the surface. Can be applied in 2 - 10 mm thickness.


Application Areas

Indoor and in dry enviroments

Residential buildings


Education facility buildings

Shopping malls, stores and markets

Concrete floors or floors covered with MAXIFLOOR

Floors with heating systems

Levelling the surface in 2 - 10 mm thickness before laying ceramics, granites, marble, hardwood, parquet, laminate, epoxy, carpet, PVC and linoleum coverings. 



Can be applied in 2 - 10 mm thickness

Can be applied faster and easier than cement based mortars. Does not cause shrinkage cracks

Has high flexural and compressive strength

Can be walked on 2 hours after the application


Can be applied with machine

Can be applied on old cement or gypsum based floors

Balanced by self-levelling and removes the roughness of under layer

Once cured, the surface is firm and resistant to abrasion

Suitable for floors with heating systems

Less carbon emission compared to cement based mortars, does not require watering after the application. 



1.5 - 1.6 kg/m2 (for 1 mm thickness)



25 kg kraft bag