Transparent, UV resistant, single component, polyurethane based, ready-to-use, elastic, walkable, solventborne, liquid top coat and waterproofing material.

Application Areas

  • Outdoor
  • Provides waterproofing at balconies and terraces with light pedestrian traffic and which are coated with materials such as glazed tile, ceramic, natural stone, marble, and floor tiles, without changing the appearance
  • Concrete surfaces, plasters and screed floors
  • Industrial floor coatings
  • Mosaics and tile mosaics
  • Glass and glass bricks
  • Metals, such as iron, steel and aluminum
  • CTP, PVC and polycarbonate roof coatings
  • Wooden doors and window frames as a protective coating and waterproofing material. 


  • Bonds perfectly on all types of surfaces, even on older coatings
  • Allows waterproofing without damaging and changing the appearance of existing coating thanks to its transparency. Decorative and resistant to abrasion of pedestrian traffic
  • Resistant to UV and does not turn to yellow
  • Provides seamless and jointless waterproofing
  • Highly resistant to aging, diluted acids, bases, salt, chemicals, mould and weather conditions. Can keep its initial properties for years
  • No cracking can be observed later on the surfaces applied. After curing, it can be walked on 
  • Resistant to water and frost when cured. 


  • Approximately 250 - 300 g/m2 on each coat (Varies depending on the absorption and roughness of the surfaces.) Minimum 2 layers are applied.


  • 2.5 kg and 10 kg tin cans