Acrylic polymer and rubber based, high performance, hydrophilic water stop, elastic water swellable tape for joints. Makes concrete joints waterproof by swelling up to 300% upon contact with water.

Application Areas:

  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Swimming pools, water tanks and purification facilities • Joints of foundation and shear wall
  • Manholes
  • Pipe inlet-outlets
  • Construction joints in cable canals
  • Tunnel segments
  • Joints of fresh and old concrete
  • Construction joints


  • Easy to apply. Workmanship errors that may appear on other water stop tapes can be minimised
  • Fills cracks and pores that may appear on cold concrete joints by swelling once it gets in contact with water. Makes concrete joints waterproof
  • Gets back to its original size when not in contact with water
  • Can be used for long time, resistant to dimensional deformation due to swelling
  • Can be conveniently used in vertical and horizontal applications
  • Once IMPERMO ACRYL-300 Acrylic Based Water Swellable Tape gets in contact with water; it swells in normal speed and does not damage the fresh concrete
  • Does not require welding at the joints
  • Does not require hardening time
  • Swells also in salt water
  • Flexible, swells up to 300% with water.


Running meter.


5 mm x 20 mm, in rolls of 20 m 10 mm x 20 mm, in rolls of 10 m

Technical Properties:


Acrylic Based Water Swellable Tape
Geri Dön