Cement based, single component, polymer added, S1 class, very flexible powder adhesive mortar with extended open time. Easy to apply with its fluid form. Has high performance and high stability.

Application Areas


  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Horizontal surfaces; concrete, screed or cement-bonded particle boards and insulation panels such as stone wool, EPS, XPS
  • Bonding large size floor tiles, granite, granite ceramic, marble, clinker, decorative bricks, glass mosaics, terra cotta and all kinds of natural stone coverings
  • Places exposed to heavy pedestrian traffic, such as work places, shopping malls, schools and hospitals
  • Industrial places exposed to heavy loads such as factories or plants
  • Places exposed to temperature changes, such as cold storage depots, flash freezing facilities and floor heating systems
  • Places exposed to water and outdoor weather conditions, such as pools, water tanks, terraces and balconies
  • Bonding ceramics on old granite and marble surfaces. 





  • Very flexible and provides strong bonding
  • Has transverse deformation property
  • Resistant to water and frost, and to the tensions on the surface that are caused by sudden temperature changes
  • Can correct the cavities and defects up to 5 mm
  • Provides long workability, saves time and labor
  • Allows sufficient time to adjust applied plates
  • Provides high stability and is easy to apply on floors with its fluid form
  • Ensures the back side of the ceramics and all types of natural stones are covered, thanks to its consistency
  • Makes the levelling of ceramics and natural stones easy while laying. 




2 - 4 kg/m2 (Varies depending on the application surface and trowel notch size.)



25 kg kraft bags


Granite Ceramic Adhesive Mortar
Geri Dön