FIXA Flex Tile Grout

FIXA Flex Tile Grout


Cement based, high performance, single component, easy-to-apply, flexible tile grout with reduced water absorption and high abrasion resistance. Resistant to cracking and is used for joint widths from 6 to 20 mm.

Application Areas:

  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Places exposed to heavy pedestrian traffic
  • Places such as pools, water tanks, sauna and Turkish baths
  • Floor heating systems
  • Tile grouting 6 - 20 mm joints of coverings such as granite ceramic, bigger sized ceramic, natural granite, marble, terra cotta, clinker, pressed brick,natural stone, slate stone and glass mosaic
  • As glass brick adhesive.


  • Does not cause color fading, dusting and cracking
  • Not affected by sudden temperature changes
  • Resistant to water and frost
  • Can be used in floor heating systems
  • Bonds well on the sides of the ceramics without cracking
  • Provides a wide variety of colors and is decorative
  • Resistant to abrasion.


Refer to the tile grout consumption table


1 kg and 5 kg polyethylene bags

10 kg and 20 kg kraft bags

Health and Safety:

As with all chemical products, contact with food, skin, eyes and mouth should be avoided during usage and storage. During the application, work wears, protective gloves, goggles and mask should be used according to the work place health regulations.  If swallowed by accident, consult a doctor. In case of contact with skin, rinse with plenty of water. Keep out of reach of children.

Technical Properties:


White or colored fine powder

Powder Density

~ 1.25 kg/L

Water Mixing Rate

4 - 5 L water / 20 kg powder

Resting Period

5 - 10 minutes

Pot Life

~ 1 hour

Application Temperature

Between +5°C and +35°C

Service Time

Wall: 12 hours, Floor: 24 hours



Flexural Strength

≥ 2.5 N/mm2 (EN 12808-3)

Compressive Strength

≥ 15 N/mm2 (EN 12808-3)

Abrasion Resistance

≤ 1000 mm3 (EN 12808-2) 


≤ 3 mm/m (EN 12808-4)

Water Absorption

In 30 minutes ≤ 5 g (EN 12808-5), In 240 minutes ≤ 10 g (EN 12808-5)

Service Temperature

-20˚C / +70˚C


Tile Grout (6-20 mm)
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