EPDM BOND Neutral Silicone Based EPDM Adhesive

EPDM BOND Neutral Silicone Based EPDM Adhesive


Silicone based, single component, elastic adhesive used in bonding EPDM membranes and coverings. Does not contain solvent or isocyanate.

Application Areas:

  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Bonding and fixing of EPDM membranes and coverings.


  • Single component, easy to apply
  • Bonds EPDM membranes and coverings strongly to the surface
  • Can be used in joints of EPDM membranes and coverings as adhesive and for isolation purposes
  • Tolerates all kinds of movements and protects its isolation properties in joints thanks to its high adhesion property
  • Provides strong and elastic adhesion in buildings exposed to vibrations
  • Does not lose volume or mass when cured
  • Durable, does not contain solvent and isocyanate. Does not shrink, sag or peel off
  • Resistant to UV, does not crack or turn to yellow. Can be used outdoor
  • Prevents mold and fungus formation
  • Cures neutrally, odorless
  • Protects its elasticity even in low and high temperatures (-40°C and +150°C) once cured.


Varies depending on the application surface.


600 ml aluminum sausages

Technical Properties:


Neutral Silicone Based EPDM Adhesive
Geri Dön