Mortar and screed admixture that allows ease of application by increasing waterproofing and workability of plaster and floor screeds.

Application Areas:

  • Tunnels and channels
  • Water tanks
  • Indoor and outdoor plaster
  • Concrete blocks
  • Swimming pools
  • Floor screeds.


  • By entraining the air in the mortar and the plaster, it leads to less capillary void and water channel formation and increases water impermeability
  • Increases resistance of plaster against rain water and freeze-thaw cycles
  • Protects the plaster from weather conditions
  • Prevents capillary cracks and bubbles
  • Due to its plasticizing effect it decreases water amount of the mixture
  • Increases workability
  • Decreases the segregation and efflorescence effect observed in mortars without admixture
  • Economical, there is no need to use lime to provide flowability and to increase volume in plaster. 


0.5 - 1 kg (for 50 kg of cement)


6 kg, 20 kg and 30 kg plastic jerrycans and 180 kg barrels

Technical Properties:

Technical Properties











Waterproofing Mortar and Screed Admixture
Geri Dön