Liquid waterproofing concrete admixture in crystallized form. The chemicals it contains penetrate into the concrete in depth by reacting with moisture and free lime in the concrete, and form crystals that do not dissolve in capillary voids and pores.

Application Areas:

  • As an admixture in all concrete applications (water tanks, curtainwall and shearwalls, tunnels and subways, canals, reservoirs, pools and precast components etc.) where crystallized capillary waterproofing is required.


  • Ensures impermeability by filling the capillary voids in the concrete with its insoluble nano-sized crystals that are active every time it contacts with water and during curing time
  • Since it is added to the concrete mixture in liquid form, it is mixed easily with no risk of lumping when compared to products in powder form
  • Concrete that is isolated with AQUAFIX LIKIT is resistant to both positive and negative water pressure
  • Non-poisonous. There is no risk in using concrete that is isolated with AQUAFIX LIKIT in water tanks
  • Water vapor permeable, allows the concrete to breathe
  • AQUAFIX LIKIT protects the reinforcement iron against corrosion and increases the compressive strength of the concrete and its resistance against the freeze-thaw cycle. 


If Water/Cement ≤ 0.45, 2% weight of the cement in the concrete mixture

If Water/Cement ~0.50, 2.5% weight of the cement in the concrete mixture

If Water/Cement = 0.55, 3% weight of the cement in the concrete mixture is added to the mixture

(Water/Cement ratio should not exceed 0.55)


30 kg plastic jerrycans and 200 kg barrels

Technical Properties:

Technical Properties









Crystallized Capillary Waterproofing Additive for Concrete
Geri Dön