Polynaphthalene sulfonate and nitrate salt based concrete and mortar admixture which increases the fluidity and accelerates the setting of the concrete in weather conditions when the risk of frost is high and gives resistance to the concrete against freezing. Does not contain chlorine.

Application Areas:

  • Protection of the concrete against frost throughout the day in cold weather
  • Applications where early high resistance is required in cold weather
  • Protection of cement based indoor and outdoor plasters against frost
  • Conditions where there is a risk of sudden temperature decrease
  • When the molds are needed to be removed early
  • Floor screeds
  • Production of all kinds of concrete, with or without reinforcement
  • Pouring of precast and prefabricated concrete
  • Production of ready-mix concrete with or without pumps.


  • Protects the concrete from frost when pouring the concrete in cold weather and gives it early resistance
  • Shortens the initial and final setting time
  • Does not damage the reinforcement as it does not contain chlorine. Not corrosive. Can be used safely in reinforced concrete buildings
  • Provides the continuity of the construction work in cold weather, without any need to delay the concrete pouring
  • Ensures the homogenous distribution of the cement and sand particles in the concrete and the mortar and provides the hydration on a larger surface. 


1.0 - 2.5 kg product is used for 100 kg binder (cement, fly ash, slag etc.). This amount can be increased up to 5 kg in very cold weather.


30 kg plastic jerrycans and 180 kg barrels

Technical Properties:

Technical Properties








Concrete and Mortar Admixture for Anti-Frost
Geri Dön